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Wart & Mole Removal in Clarkston, MI

Warts and moles can be unsightly or problematic, especially if they are located somewhere that they catch on jewelry. At Clarkston Dermatology, we know that you want a personalized medical experience with real results. That's why you need a team that partners with you. We believe your concerns are valid and we have spent the last 14 years building relationships with our patients in Clarkston, Troy, and the surrounding areas of Michigan. Our licensed professionals offer the most innovative medical treatments to remove moles and warts.

How Are Wart Removals Performed?

If a wart is painful and doesn't seem to be going anywhere, a board-certified dermatologist at Clarkston Dermatology can help. The right wart removal method will depend on the size and location of the wart and may include:

Wart & Mole Removal in Birmingham, MI
Wart & Mole Removal in Birmingham, MI
  • Cantharidin: Canthardin causes a blister to develop underneath the wart, after it is “painted” on top of the wart by the dermatologist. It will cause the wart to die off, and after a week, you can return to have it clipped away.
  • Cryotherapy: This is the most common form of wart removal, and involves freezing the wart off. Treatments may need to be repeated.
  • Electrosurgery and curettage: Electrosurgery burns the wart it works well for common warts, foot warts, and filiform warts. Electrosurgery is often performed in conjunction with curettage in which the wart is scraped off with a sharp knife or small spoon shaped tool.
  • Excision: With excision, your dermatologist will use a scalpel to carefully remove the wart.
  • Chemical peels: When it comes to flat warts, there’s usually many warts that require treating. When there are many flat warts, a chemical peel may be the best treatment option.
  • Laser treatments: Laser treatment is usually reserved for warts that won’t respond to anything else.

How Is Mole Removal Performed?

When it comes to mole removal, there are two main procedures that are used.

  • Shaving: When shaving a mole, the dermatologist will shave the mole off with a scalpel to just below the level of the skin. An electrical instrument or a special solution will then be used to cauterize the area and stop any bleeding.
  • Excision with stitches: This technique is usually used for moles that are in cosmetically sensitive areas, and will consist of the dermatologist cutting around the mole with a scalpel, leaving a border, and stitching it back up.

If a mole is suspicious, your dermatologist may perform a biopsy to check for signs of cancer cells. In this case, Mohs surgery may be advised.

How Much Does Wart and Mole Removal Cost in Clarkston, MI?

The cost of mole or wart removal at Clarkston Dermatology depends on many factors, including the size and location of the mole or wart, the best treatment method, and your health insurance coverage. You can find out your individual cost for treatment by contacting us to schedule an appointment.

Why Should a Mole Be Removed?

There are two reasons to remove a mole: cosmetic reasons or because it's pre-cancerous or already cancerous. To determine if a mole is suspicious and potentially cancerous, your dermatologist will use the ABCDE method:

  • Is your mole Asymmetrical?
  • Does it have an irregular Border?
  • Are there different Colors?
  • Is the Diameter larger than the eraser on a pencil?
  • Is the mole Evolving in some way?

After a mole has been removed, it’s standard procedure to undergo a biopsy. This is done to check if the mole was cancerous, and it will determine if the mole was caused by melanoma or something else.

You deserve more than to feel like just a number in the medical industry. At Clarkston Dermatology, we deliver a personalized experience so you can be seen AND heard when seeking treatment for a mole or wart. We invite men and women in Clarkston, Troy, and the surrounding Michigan communities to get started by contacting us to schedule an appointment, meeting our expert team, and beginning the journey to better skin.

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