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LightSheer DUET Laser Hair Removal in Michigan.

Our practice is pleased to offer the High Speed LightSheer DUET for laser hair removal with exciting speed and amazing comfort.  LightSheer DUET laser hair removal breaks down the traditional barriers associated with laser hair removal.  Treatments effectively reduce unwanted hair and make treating large areas such as the legs, arms, and male backs or chests more affordable, up to 75% quicker, and no anesthesia is needed due to improved comfort.

Hair Removal by Laser in Clarkston MI

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The LightSheer DUET laser features a larger treatment head and uses gentle suction to draw skin toward the hand piece. The skin senses the vacuum rather than the laser pulse treatment, so there is minimal discomfort. A series of treatments is usually necessary due to hair growth cycles.

The LightSheer DUET offers two handpiece choices depending on your needs.  The high speed handpiece uses breakthrough vacuum assisted technology to allow rapid and comfortable treatment of large areas. A back or legs can now be treated in approximately 20 minutes, without the need for topical numbing creams. At Clarkston Dermatology, we can get you treated and back to your regular life as quickly as possible while providing the best possible hair removal results.

Laser hair removal requires multiple treatments due to different hair growth cycles in our Clarkston MI office.  The laser works best when hair is in an early stage of growth.  Not all hair in an area is in an early stage of growth at the same time.   The appearance of the treated area immediately following treatment will vary from patient to patient, depending on the extent of the treatment and the skin type. Most people return to normal activity right away after the laser hair removal procedure.

Laser hair removal targets and destroys each hair’s root to reduce or halt growth. Because every hair has its own growth cycle and will not respond unless it is in the growth phase at the time of treatment, it may take several laser treatments over a period of weeks or months to remove all hair. This is especially true for large areas of skin such as the back and chest. However, once treatment is complete, you can enjoy the freedom of having consistently smooth skin without asking for assistance from another person or spending an extra hour in the bathroom every day.

Our practice utilizes the advanced Lumenis Lightsheer Duet laser hair removal system, which eliminates many of the barriers imposed by traditional lasers. The Lightsheer Duet accomplishes hair removal on large areas of skin 75 percent faster, which reduces treatment time as well as patient costs. Our system also incorporates vacuum suction; this diminishes pain sensations so effectively that anesthetic use is typically not required. When you need hair removed, we can offer you a more affordable and more comfortable experience with no recovery time. You can go to work after your procedure is finished.

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