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Eczema Treatments in Clarkston, MI

You deserve more than to be treated like just a number in the medical industry when you are struggling with eczema. At Clarkstone Dermatology, we understand that you need a team that partners with you. We believe your concerns shouldn't be ignored, that's why we have spent the last 14 years building relationships with our patients in Troy and Clarkston, MI, and delivering individual attention and real results.

What Is Eczema?

Eczema, otherwise knows as atopic dermatitis, is a fairly common skin condition that results in red, itchy patches of skin. While it can occur in people of any age, it most typically shows up in children. Eczema can be long-lasting, show up periodically, and it may be accompanied by hay fever or asthma.

Eczema Treatments in Birmingham, MI
Eczema Treatments in Birmingham, MI

Unfortunately, there is yet to be a cure for eczema, although there are many treatments and self-care measures that can help when it comes to relieving itching and preventing any new outbreaks from occurring. You should avoid harsh soaps, for example, and try to regularly moisturize your skin and apply ointments or medicated creams.

How Much Does Eczema Treatment Cost in Clarkston, MI?

The cost to treat eczema at Clarkston Dermatology depends on the severity of your eczema, which treatments work best for you, and your health insurance coverage. We encourage you to contact us for an appointment to create a tailored treatment plan to give you relief from your eczema and find out your individual cost.

What Are the Symptoms of Eczema?

There are many signs and symptoms associated with eczema, and it can manifest itself in different ways from person to person. If you suspect that you have eczema, you may have noticed one or more of the following symptoms.

  • Your skin is dry
  • Your skin may have thickened and become cracked with a scaly appearance
  • Your skin may be itching fairly severely, especially at night
  • Your skin may be raw, swollen, or sensitive from scratching
  • You may be noticing small, raised bumps on your skin, which may or may not be leaking fluid and crusting over when you scratch them
  • You may be finding red or brownish-gray patches on your eyelids, neck, upper chest, elbows, wrists, hands, knees, ankles or feet – or for infants, the face and the scalp too.

How Can I Prevent Eczema?

There are many ways you can try to help prevent eczema from flaring up and minimize the skin from drying out after bathing.

  • Moisturize your skin at least twice a day with creams, lotions, and ointments. There are many different products available. Clarkston Dermatology offers professional-grade skin care products that can help manage eczema.
  • If you take shorter baths or showers, around 10 to 15 minutes, and use warm water rather than hot water, you can help to prevent a flare up of eczema.
  • Soaps like antibacterial soaps and deodorant soaps can dry out your skin by removing natural oils. Try to stick to gentle soaps.
  • Be careful when you dry yourself. You’ll want to pat your skin dry and apply moisturizer before your skin dries.
  • Try and avoid things like excess sweating, stress, soaps, detergents, dust, or pollen that can worsen your condition.

What Eczema Treatments Do you Offer?

With the phototherapy light therapy treatment, we can safely and effectively treat your eczema with the help of ultraviolet light. A special machine emits the light which can reduce itchiness, calm inflammation, increase the production of vitamin D, support a healthy immune system. Phototherapy can treat widespread or localized eczema, and it boasts a 70 percent success rate. Alternatively, eczema can also be treated with topical and oral medications.

Eczema may not be life-threatening, but it can damage your confidence and lead to uncomfortable and painful rashes that keep returning. At Clarkston Dermatology, our licensed providers deliver a personalized experience so you can be seen AND heard with the most innovative medical treatments available for eczema. To get started, contact us to schedule an appointment, meet with your team of experts, and begin the journey to healthier skin. We welcome patients in Clarkston, Troy, and the surrounding areas of Michigan.

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