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Cooltone™ in Clarkston, MI

Want to see improved definition in your abs, buttocks, or thighs? Clarkton Dermatology is a national award-winning dermatology practice proudly offering patients in Troy and Clarkston, MI, the most innovative cosmetic treatments available performed by board-certified providers. CoolTone™, first available in 2019, is one of the most advanced non-surgical body contouring procedures available.

What Is CoolTone™?

CoolTone™ is the latest in non-surgical body contouring. Offered by Allergan, the company behind Botox®, Juvéderm®, and CoolSculpting®, CoolTone™ targets the muscles rather than fat deposits like its counterpart, CoolSculpting®.

Cooltone™ in Birmingham, MI
Cooltone™ in Birmingham, MI

CoolTone™ strengthens and tones muscles through magnetic muscle stimulation or MMS, technology that targets muscles with electromagnetic energy to prompt involuntary contractions. This strengthens muscle fibers in the treatment area to create more defined and stronger muscles. During the beginning of your treatment, you will feel intense and warm muscle contractions that dissipate within a few minutes.

CoolTone™ is similar to Emsculpt, which kills fat cells and strengthens muscle fibers, but it offers 50 percent greater magnetic intensity. Emsculpt is an electronic muscle stimulation device whereas CoolTone™ is an electromagnetic muscle stimulation device that bypasses sensory nerves for a much more comfortable experience.

If you want better muscle definition rather than fat loss in target areas, CoolTone™ may be right for you.

How Much Does CoolTone™ Cost in Clarkston, MI?

The cost of CoolTone™ depends on the treatment area and the number of sessions you need to see the results you are looking for. At Clarkston Dermatology, we believe in a personalized approach to care. To find out your individual cost, please contact us to schedule a free consultation with your expert team for a custom care plan and your price for CoolTone™. Financing is available through CareCredit® to make your treatment as affordable as possible.

What Areas Can Be Treated with Coolone™?

CoolTone™ is FDA-cleared to firm and tighten the muscles of the thighs, buttocks, arms, and abdomen. As a general rule, most people need four treatments in two weeks, but many people report stronger core muscles after just one CoolTone™ session. You may see noticeable improvements in as few as three weeks, but results will continue to improve over a three-month period.

Ready to see the defined abs or firm buttocks you're dreaming of? Clarkston Dermatology serves patients in Clarkston and Troy with the belief that it shouldn't be challenging to find the help you need to look and feel your very best. Our licensed professionals offer innovative cosmetic solutions like Cooltone™ to give you the real results you need. To find out if Cooltone™ is right for you, call us for a free consultation, meet with your expert guides, and begin on a custom care plan. Ahead of your appointment, you can download "The Top 5 Myths About Botox®" to learn about other popular cosmetic treatments at our practice.

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