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Fat Reduction Clinic in Clarkston with Dr. Wendy McFalda

If you are like many people you have spent countless hours at the gym working out and practicing yoga, doing your best to stay in shape. Many of us have trouble getting rid of stubborn love handles and the dreaded lower abdomen “pouch” no matter how hard we work. Now...

Laser Hair Removal, your Questions Answered

Are you one of the many who are tired of shaving, waxing, and plucking unwanted hairs away? Have you considered laser hair removal in Clarkston, MI but think it might be painful or too expensive? Finally, the answers to you questions are here. This short article will...

UltraShape vs VelaShape vs CoolSculpting

Clarkston Dermatology has long been your premier choice for CoolSculpting fat reduction treatment, and we are excited to add the popular UltraShape and VelaShape III to our lineup! We have expanded our body sculpting treatment options to provide solutions for unwanted...

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